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The industry sector of the Zeppelin Group is among the leading manufacturers of plants for storing, conveying, blending, and dosing of premium bulk solids. Thanks to our world-wide activities and locations in all important industrial centers we can always provide our clients with the latest, most innovative and reliable technology to ensure maximum economic success.
Zeppelin Systems USA, Inc.’s Industry Division is widely recognized as a leading manufacturer of industrial equipment.
Zeppelin-USA manufactures a full line of Storing, Conveying, Blending & Dosing equipment and components, including:

Zeppelin Components
Quality components for optimal performance, reliable components to help your large systems achieve optimal performance.
Bulk Solids Component Brochure
Receive reliable components custom-tailored to your exact needs, including:

Rotary Feeders

At Zeppelin, we design our rotary feeders with two goals in mind:
1) Easy installation for minimum downtime and

2) Reliable daily performance to get you maximum value.

Our rotary feeders include:
Rotary feeders — medium pressure
Medium Pressure Rotary Feeder Type MDS
Data Sheet
Rotary Feeder Type MDS
AGN / APN Discharge Valves
Data sheet
D5 & D6 Blow Thru Rotary Valve
Data sheet
Blow Through Valve
Type D
Type AG & A1 Drop Thru Standard Rotary Valve
Data sheet
Discharge valve Type A
Rotary feeders—high pressure
High Pressure Rotary Feeders
HDS Drop Thru Rotary Valve
Data sheet Rotary Valve
DS5 Blow Through Rotary Valve
Data sheet
Blow Through
Special Applications
Medium-high and high voltage cable manufacturing
Rotary Feeder with Cutting Device
The primary purpose of this device is to release streamers,
dust, birds nests, and other particles from rotating screener and elutriator systems
Ceramics Discharge Valve
Discharging of
powdered bulk products
up to 60 C
Contact us for more information.
The full range of Zeppelin diverter valves offers appropriate solutions for any application.
V-Diverter Valve
Data sheet
V-Diverter Valve/Series 2005 New Concept
Data sheet
Series 2005
T-Diverter Valve
The main purpose of the T-Diverter valve is to load up several silos from just a single pneumatic conveying line. Simply mount it on the filling nozzle to install.
Data sheet
Y-Diverter Valve
Data sheet
M-Diverter Valve
Data sheet
ZWS & DWS Hose Type Sliding Diverter Valve
Hose Type Diverter Valve
Diverter Valve Type NGV & VST
Data sheet
NGV Diverter Valve
ZWR 2-Way Diverter Valve
Data sheet
type ZWR
TWR 2-Way Diverter Valve
Data Sheet
ZSL 8-Way Diverter Valve
Data Sheet
Contact us for more information.
Product Cleaning
GTS – Elutriator - Counterflow
The GTS counterflow pellet cleaner cleans plastic pellets by removing superfine dust particles and long streamers.
Data sheet Pellet Cleaner Type GTS
RotoScreen drum sieve
A reliable solution for separating long streamers from plastic pellets
Data sheet Drum Screener RotoScreen
Turbo Pig Pipeline Cleaning
Allows for complete dry cleaning of conveying pipelines.
Data sheet Turbo-Pig
BNC Streamer Removal Unit
Removes unwanted streamers without disrupting the conveying
Air Management Stations
Used to precisely control conveying airflow in various dilute, high pressure dilute and dense phase convey systems around the world. Our systems are designed to maximize the efficiency of our systems and minimize power requirements by optimizing the system airflow.

Systems include:

Air Quantity Unit Type AQU
This unit allows for precise adjustable airflow control in any pneumatic conveying process.
Data sheet Air Quantity Unit Type AQU
LDV Adjustable Laval Nozzle
Depending on the product being processed and your conveying capacities, the LDV adjustable laval nozzle allows you to set the perfect gas flow rate for your needs.
Product Samplers
GC Sampler
Works with virtually any free-flowing bulk material Samples may be directed from stationary and/or moving bulk material column through gravity by way of the pneumatically-driven sampler probe to the connecting container.
Data Sheet Granucheck
MPN Sampler
Sample from the product stream during processing. Works in normal atmospheric conditions or max. 1 bar over/under pressure.
Contact us for more information.
Filtration / Product Separation
Cyclone Receiver / Separator
The Type ZAS cyclone separators is to separate pellets and powders from the conveying gas in pneumatic conveying systems.
Contact us for more information.
SFG Hopper Loader
Automatically feeds pelletized, powdered, and granulated products to silos, hoppers, processing machines, and extruders.
Data sheet Hopper Loader Type SFG
Contact us for more information.
Bin Vent Filter
Zeppelin Filter Systems
Dust Collector
Zeppelin Filter Systems
Safety Filter
Safety filters are installed in systems between the existing filter and the blowers or compressors.
Suction Filter
Suction filters are used for cleaning the intake air of condensers and blowers.
Zeppelin Filter Systems
Contact us for more information.
Silos and Blenders Technology
Silo Plants for the Plastics Processing Industry
Storage Silos
Zeppelin Standard Silos
Exemplary silo plants
including the entire range
of accessories for
pellets and powder.
Aluminum Storage Silos
Used for storing virtually any premium bulk solid
Download Picture (PDF)
Blending Silos
Blending silos are specially designed to achieve maximum blending efficiency during the processing of plastics and compound--batches. What does this mean for you? It means there will be little to no fluctuation in your product quality.
Blending and Homogenization Silos
Benefits of Zeppelin Silos
  • Increased output

  • Saves money

  • Less energy waste less money

  • Multifunctional

Choosing the Right Blending Silo

5 Factors to Consider when Selecting a Blender:

  • Speed of cleaning

  • Product type

  • Non-stop or discontinuous operation

  • Blending time

  • Height to diameter ratio

Zeppelin Blending Silos
Suited for both non-stop and discontinuous blending of easy flowing bulk solids (e.g. pellets, powders, recycled goods, etc.). 7-300 m^3 standard capacity.


Multi-Flow Blender
Video: Multi-Flow-Blender (WMV)
Achieves different flow velocities of easily pourable bulk solids (powders, pelletized products, recycling materials, etc.) to achieve desired blend. Works in both non-stop and discontinuous operations.
Fluidized Bed Blender
Fluidization gas - mostly air - passes through the bulk solids, turning them into fluids and depositing them in fluid beds. Varying air flow rates can increase speed of homogenization, leading to better blending results in a shorter time.
Multi-Pipe and Multi-Channel Blending Silos
Works with pelletized
Product sand other
free-flowing dry
bulk solids (.5mm and
Higher particle size)
for both non-stop and
Contact us for more information.
Anti-Honking Silos
Patented solutions by the silo specialist: For anti-honking
systems a general
distinction must be
made between silos
for the storage of
powders and those
for the storage of
pellets as well as
between new silos
and those which need to be retrofitted.
Manufacturing and Transport Methods

Advanced transportation methods to get you our products with maximum cost efficiency.

These include:

  • Pre-made silos to for easy on-site assembly

  • Emboxable silos for lowest freight shipping charges possible

Silo Plants for the Plastics Process
Zeppelin Special Silos
The TransiloThe perfect solution for those who are frequently shifting locations. Highly flexible silo.
Multi-chamber silos
Operating in small spaces? No problem. This multi-chamber silo solution can handle a wide range of products, quantities, and functions.
Each chamber has a capacity just big enough to safely handle a silo truck load. By doing this, our multi-chamber silos still meet the strictest DIN ISO standards.
Silo Plants for the Plastics Processing Industry
Railcar Loading Systems
Zeppelin's patented Railcar Loading System has proven to be effective in maximizing the filling of railcars with plastic pellets
Zeppelin Railcar Loading Systems
Contact us for more information.
Zeppelin Systems USA, Inc.
Conveying Systems
Finding the perfect conveying system for your needs.
Hydraulic conveying—Water-powered conveying system
Zeppelin Hydraulic Conveying Systems
Pneumatic conveying (dilute phase or dense phase)—Gas or air-powered conveying system
Brochure Conveying Systems
Also customized conveying systems to meet the unique demands of the rubber, plastics, and tire industries.

Contact us for more information.


After Sales Service

Parts, Repair Service and Equipment Modifications

Components Include:
  • Rotary valves

  • Diverter valves

  • Pellet / Powder samplers

  • Railcar / Truck loading telescopes

  • Drum screens

Spare parts for equipment originally supplied by Zeppelin include:
  • Blowers

  • Compressors

  • Fans

  • Filters

  • Instrumentation

  • Butterfly valves

  • Slide gate valves

Services include:
  • Inspections

  • Equipment modifications to meet your changing requirements

Zeppelin Repair Services
Contact us for more information.
Conveying Equipment
Zeppelin Technology Center keep you on the cutting edge of conveying systems technology.
Our conveying systems include:
  • Pellets—hydraulic conveying, dense phase conveying, dilute phase conveying, combined suction and pressure conveying

  • Powders—dilute phase conveying, dense phase conveying, and combined suction and pressure conveying

For storing, feeding, and blending, we offer:
  • An array of blending silos for powdered and pelletized products

  • A wide range of storage silos with different discharge specifications

  • For additives, combined suction and pressure-operated scales

To maintain product purity, we provide:
  • Pipe cleaner pig systems

  • Devices for removing streamers, dust, and birds nest from pelletized products

Brochure Technology Center
Contact us for more information.
The Tire and Rubber Industry: Systems and Solutions Systems for the Rubber and Tire Industry
The rubber and tire industries, you need to have a sound operating procedure that guarantees consistent, high quality product blending, accurate feeding, and precise weighing. In short, you need to make sure that you’re producing a quality product every single time.
For over 20 years, Zeppelin has been providing innovative solutions to the rubber and tire industries. Over 500 systems for various rubber and tire manufacturers, helping us know exactly what’s needed to achieve high product quality and maximum cost-efficiency.

Offering the following products and services:


  • Patented dense phase conveyors Storage solutions

  • Innovative blending technologies

  • Dosing solutions

  • Weighing equipment

Brochures at your finger tips!
Zeppelin provides reliable solutions for: Conveying, Feeding, Storing, Blending, and Weighting.
Let SetPoint Solutions Inc. come in and show you the benefits Zeppelin-USA has to offer to improve your process!
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