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IEDCO is dedicated to the design, manufacture and installation of custom powder handling systems, as well as having a commitment to superior quality and customer satisfaction.

a System Suppliers and Integrators - Single source of material handling equipment, specializing in the design and supply of equipment to suit any materials handling needs. IEDCO’s goal is Moving product from point A to point B in the most effective, safe, and economical way possible. Applications for powder handling, material handling and vacuum conveying systems, solutions and technologies.

supplies pharmaceutical, food and fine chemical grade equipment, and are familiar with the fit, function, and finish required for these industries.


is also familiar with the documentation, and after sales requirements from these, and all other regulated industries. As system suppliers and integrators they also have a good appreciation for process equipment, and if it make financial sense can purchase and integrate such equipment as is required.

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Material Handling Systems - Powder Handling Systems - Pneumatic Conveying Systems - Batch/Weigh Systems - Bulk Bag Handling Equipment - IBC’s IBC Blenders
Containment Systems - Drum Handling Equipment - Column Lifts and Material Lifts


Customized to your specific needs, providing solutions for handling and processing powders, granules, tablets and other materials moving from Point A to Point B.

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serves a wide range of industries dealing with the issues associated with powder handling and processing.

Their primary client base includes:

• Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (OSD and API)
• Cosmetic Manufacturers
• Fine Chemical Manufacturers
• Food Manufacturers
• Specialty Product Manufacturers
helps customers achieve: Increased productivity, Improved product quality, process efficiency and economic production.
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